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This project studies the boundary stones of the historical border between Austria and Venice Republic, established with the Rovereto treaty (1753).
Over 250 years ago Empress Maria Theresia and the Duke of Venice signed a contract that put an end to the long-standing dispute of the border between Tyrol and the lagoon city. Today, many boundary stones from 1753 can still be found in lonely heights, on Alpine pastures or hidden in impenetrable woods. A new initiative engages with this forgotten heritage. The Sexten Tourist Association, the municipality of Kartitsch and the municipality of Comelico Superiore have joined forces and started a pilot project with the financial support of the CLLD Dolomiti Small Projects Fund. In collaboration with all Heritage Agencies along the historic border joint guidelines for the protection of these memorials will be developed and their history told. Astonishing discoveries have been made: From the Carnic main ridge to Lake Garda there are traces from over 2000 years of border history. The aim is to discover the border anew, to restore the monuments and memorials along the border, and to create a nature trail so others can discover them too. The boundary stones are the red thread that takes hikers past natural wonders like waterfalls, ice caves and moors, all telling the story from the prehistoric age to today. The thread starts at the Carnic main ridge with views of the Dolomites and ends at the shores of Lake Garda.
Inizio progetto: 2017 | Categoria: documentazione
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